Transport-System for Professionals

Maximal   Flexibility  -  Low   Investment Costs

trolleyboy® trailer is both, a high quality bike trailer and a convenient handcart.


  • Fits to every common bicycle (even E-Bike compatible).

  • Perfect load balance and best drivability.

  • Comfortable handling even at less space areas as in elevators and staircases.

  • Courier need not to leave remaining goods outside without observation during delivery inside of buildings (as this is case e.g. at usage of cargo bicycles).

  • Low investment costs and maintenance costs compared to cargo bicycles.

  • Customized dimensions of Boxes made of durable PP-Hollow Sheets or Aluminium.

  • Boxes from 25 Liter up to 220 Liters  / 45kg.

  • Customized printable Box.

  • Customized inlets.

  • Customized technical solutions.

Conected to bicycle

Customized Inlet

Hand Cart

Trailer is compatible with a range of standard boxes and customized printable boxes out of  PP or Aluminium and customized dimensions.